How to make crochet beaks without drooling

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Did you know that one of the great difficulties for those who are starting to crochet is not to drool? If this has already happened to you, or rather, if you were crocheting nozzles and your piece became a wave, now you will know how to avoid this situation.

Well, knowing about crochet techniques in the right way is of paramount importance so that you can create more and more beautiful and better quality pieces. Even because, that way, if you crochet to have an extra income, you can charge more.

Oh, and who knows, maybe this art could be your main source of income?
So, it is very important not to make these kinds of mistakes. It is worth noting that almost all crocheters make these mistakes. Contained, know that it is very important and simple to correct them.

What is embroidering crochet nozzles?

So, embabadar is some completely unwanted waves that appear in your piece, taking away the original model of it.

Thus, these ripples happen and the main reason is the lack of attention when creating the double stitches.

But if you want to crochet how to produce crochet nozzles without drooling, just check out the topics in the guide below that we created for you.

What are crochet nipples?

Well, crochet nozzles are created for the purpose of decorating the pieces. This technique brings an even more beautiful finish, also increasing the value of the piece.

In addition, crochet nozzles are also known as hem or bar. They can be used in different and diverse crochet pieces, such as: blouses, dish towels, rugs, clothes, among others.

And to use this technique you don’t need much. That is, just have a needle, scissors and thread. And even though they are not mandatory items in the pieces, they make it even more beautiful, being a good suggestion.

How not to drool your piece

Well, so that this problem doesn’t happen, it’s very important to redouble your attention when doing the double stitches.

They are used when two stitches are placed in the same chain, especially when the work is circular, like an oval rug, wanting to increase the stitches.

That is, the more increases you have in your stitches, the greater the chances of drooling the crochet nozzles.

Also, some pieces require the stitches to be larger. However, some people increase unnecessarily or even out of distraction.

So, if it is not necessary and you notice that crochet nozzles are drooling, undo the stitches and start again, without increasing the stitches.

How not to cause this problem anymore.

There is a simple way to know the right moment to increase the piece. That is, when your row stitch starts to lean towards the right side, it’s time to increase the stitches.

This is when double stitches can be used. However, wisely! It is important to understand that if you use a lot of increases, the chances of drooling the crochet nozzles will be greater.

All this is very important so that your work is not lost.

So, whenever you go up, make an equal distribution in the career. Whenever you raise a point, put it on the table for a bigger and better view.

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