How to crochet oval rug

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Is there anything better than waking up on a cold morning and putting your feet up on a crochet rug?
Well, even though it is a complex job, it is simple to perform and the results of these models are really incredible.

So, in addition to making a beautiful oval crochet rug and putting it in every room of the house, you can also earn good money. After all, crochet can be an excellent form of income.

It is worth mentioning that oval crochet rug is simple, cheap and still makes your home beautiful.
And to do this work, you need the following materials:

→ Crochet hook: the ideal size must be checked on the manufacturer’s label
→ crochet yarn
→ Scissor

It is also important to understand that the meter does not matter for this job. That is, you don’t need a ruler and you don’t need to work a meter sample.

Also, know that some mistakes should be avoided in chain and single crochet stitches.

Now, in the article we prepared, you can see how to make your oval crochet rug.
Starting the oval crochet rug

To start your oval crochet rug, it is important to work a series of chain stitches, which should be the axis of the rug.

Now create a stitch in the second chain and continue working only one stitch in each chain but the last one.

So work three single crochets into the last chain and create just a single crochet stitch going back along the bottom on the starting chain. You should work three single crochets at the bottom of the last chain.

Know that this is one of the most used and simplest techniques for creating an oval crochet rug.

In this way, on the next row, an increase in each stitch should be made. In the next one, an increase must be made in the first stitch and one must be skipped, in the next one must be skipped two and so on. Now the ideal and desired size will be reached.

Also, you should know how to crochet a single crochet.

This pattern should be repeated until you close the ends of your rug., carpet finish.

Well, now you should cut the remaining yarn and you should leave a tail of about 25 cm.
Then, pull the tail by holding the last stitch of the crochet hook and pull the tail end so that the final stitch is secured.

Incidentally, you can use your crochet hook to hide back the loose tail. That is, it will not be swinging on the carpet and still brings a much better finish.

How to use an oval crochet rug.

The oval crochet rug is an extremely beautiful piece, which, being made in the right way, brings even more beauty to the house.

After all, there are the most varied models of rugs to be created, being able to mix yarns and colors and with different patterns.

For example: you can decorate the living room, bedroom, kitchen and room as you wish.
In addition, you can also create an even more beautiful pattern by placing roses on the sides. In fact, it all depends on your creativity.

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