Crochet – tips for you to start this technique

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To relax, have an extra income or even build pieces for the home, crochet is a great idea to serve several purposes. In addition, love and caprice over things made with our own hands provide an almost unparalleled pleasure, don’t they?

Thus, crochet has conquered fans for quite some time. And with that, many doubts arise about how to practice such a beautiful and detailed art.

That way, if you’ve always wanted to learn crochet, from now on, you’ll know everything to start this technique. Even those who already do it can also check out our post below.

First steps to start crochet

Well, starting a new hobby can be pretty cool and at the same time it brings some doubts. That is, researching and gathering important information are essential things to learn the basics.
So, if you want to learn crochet, see the first steps:

1 – Materials

In almost all crafts it is necessary to have materials and crochet is no different. So, generally speaking, you need a needle and thread. However, in some cases, the needle can be switched through the fingers or arms.

It all depends on the piece you want to produce. After all, within crochet, there are a multitude of styles and shapes. Look for details you want to create, bringing the right material into your hands.

2 – Basic points

So, now that you’ve purchased your basic crochet kit, you should start stitching. It is worth noting that there are many techniques within crochet. But with the basic stitches, that is, with little chain, low crochet, high crochet and very low crochet, you can create something and move on to other stitches.

3 – Reading charts and models

There are also languages ​​within crochet, known as graphics and recipes. That way, on websites, magazines or even talking to a friend who understands the subject, you are likely to have contact with these modes that represent crochet.

Ideas to do with crochet

Now that you know the basics, you need to create the first part. See some ideas:

  • Rugs
    It is very likely that you have been enchanted by some kind of crochet rug out there. Thus, rectangular rugs are an excellent option for beginners, as they are straight and made with a pattern sequence of stitches. But know that there are formats and models of rugs that meet virtually all tastes.
  • Towels and table runners
    Your table can gain a delicate touch with a crochet tablecloth. And just like the rug, there are different models that you can create.
  • Cushions
    Anyone who wants to decorate the living room or other place that asks for something comfortable can bet on crochet pillows. Plus, it’s easy to find ideas, regardless of your crochet level.
  • Clothes
    With special clothes, this is how crochet can dress you. Oh, and each production tends to be unique, as they will be made by your hands. However, making pieces according to the measurements of the body is something more complex, and there must be dedication from those who are beginners.
  • cloth pets
    The delicious cloth pets bring a charm to the part. So from crochet they can be built. They even serve to improve points, as it requires a lot of concentration.
    Well, we’ve made it clear to you how crochet is an excellent art that can serve different everyday purposes. Enter this world right now and see how benefits and advantages this art can bring to your life.

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